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Advanced Courses 

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10 hours CPD: The Aesthetics Course has been developed by Dr Sam  Rigby, specifically for Nurses, Dentists and other suitably qualified and registered medical professionals who wish to focus on the core foundation skills required for injection of Botulinum Toxin at an entry level. If you’re new or inexperienced when it comes to cosmetic injectable treatments 1-2-1 training with Dr Sam Rigby is the perfect foundation on which to build your skills in aesthetics. Three part training Part 1: Theory – covering everything you need to know when it comes to facial injecting including: medico-legal aspects, consent, consulting, complications& side effects. Part 2: Shadowing Dr Sam Rigby approximately seeing first hand the techniques used by Dr Sam. Part 3: Sam Rigby Aesthetics will provide 2 models.

Advanced toxin course. 

·         3 areas treatment.

·         Brow lift. 

·         Softening facial features.

·         Removing dimples and Softening chin. 

·         Treating the Marrionette lines. 

·         Treating nose wrinkles . 

Advanced Filler Course.

·         Softening the jawline.

·         Lip filler

·         Reducing Jowls.

·         Cheek Volumising and sculpting.

·         Treatment frown line. 

·         Treatment the Mentalis crease. 

·         Non- Surgical Rhinoplasty.

·         Treating acne scars with fillers. 

          Cannula training.

All courses are fully certified, and recognised by all of the main insurance companies in aesthetics.


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